Premium accounts enjoy these advantages

  • No sending limit - Send as many gibbers as you like!
  • Group contacts -   Bundle multiple contacts into one group contact for easy collaboration, outreach and mass messaging.  Add as many recipients to a group as you like, including Gibberin(TM) accounts, email addresses or SMS phone numbers.  Gibbers sent to the group are delivered to all the individual recipients automatically.  Optionally customize your groups to restrict replies to just the sender for outreach messaging.
  • Metrics - Gauge your audience's reaction to a gibber.  Visualize your reach and the ultimate effectiveness of a spoken messaging campaign.
  • Guaranteed retention - Premium account gibbers will never expire nor be deleted ensuring longevity of your conversations.
  • Guaranteed audio quality - Premium account gibbers will be stored at the highest audio quality offered to be sure your message remains as clear as the day you recorded it.
  • Permission management - Premium users can control how their gibbers may be reviewed, forwarded, shared or replied to.  Want to keep a conversation private, you define the list of Gibberin(TM) users who can participate.

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